Recent Winners

Annie Lang Dissertation Award

2022: Frederic Hopp, University of California- Santa Barbara

  • Moral Idiosynchrony: Variability in Naturalistic Complexity Modulates Intersubject Representational Similarity in Moral Cognition.” Dissertation Nominator: Rene Weber

2021: Joomi Lee, Michigan State University

  • Adaptive Behavior in Sandbox Games: How Motivation Shapes Use of Affordances in Virtual Worlds.” Dissertation Nominator: Allison Eden

2020: Jeremy Foote, Northwestern University

  • “The Formation and Growth of Online Organizations.” Advisor: Aaron Shaw, Northwestern University

2019: Glenna Read, University of Georgia

  • “Social Identify in Adverting: News Stories, Phenotypic Prototypicality, and Model Identity Influence Cognitive Processing and Evaluation of Advertisements.” Advisor: Rob Potter, Indiana University.

2018: Claire M. Segijn, University of Minnesota

  • “Everyday Multiscreening: How the Simultaneous Usage of Multiple Screens Affects Information Processing and Advertising Effectiveness.” Advisors: Edith G. Smit & Hilde A. M. Voorveld, University of Amsterdam

2017: Richard Huskey, The Ohio State University

  • “Intrinsic Reward Motivates Large-Scale Shifts Between Cognitive Control and Default Mode Networks During Task Performance.” Advisor: Rene Weber, UCSB

2016: Nadine Bol, University of Amsterdam/ASCoR

  • “How to Present Online Information to Older Cancer Patients.” Advisor Julia van Weert

John E. Hunter Meta-Analysis Awards

2022: Daniel J. O’Keefe, Northwestern University and Hans Hoeken, Utrecht University

  • “Message design choices don’t make much difference to persuasiveness and can’t be counted on – not even when moderating conditions are specified” 2021 Frontiers in Psychology, 12. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2021.664160

2020: Claire M. Segijn, University of Minnesota and Martin Eisend, European University Viadrina

  • “Meta-Analysis into Multiscreening and Advertising Effectiveness: Direct Effects, Moderators, and Underlying Mechanisms” Journal of Advertising, 2019

2019: Johannes Knoll and Jorg Matthes, University of Vienna

  • “The Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsements: A meta-analysis” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2017

2017: Chris Carpenter, Western Illinois University

  • “A Meta-Analysis of the ELM’s Argument Quality x Processing Type Predictions” Human Communication Research, 2014

Randall Harrison Outstanding Article Award

2022: Jiawei Sophia Fu, Rutgers University; Michelle Shumate, Northwester University; Noshir Contractor, Northwestern University

  • “Organizational and Individual Innovation Decisions in an Interorganizational System: Social Influence and Decision-Making Authority, Journal of Communication, August 2020, volume 70, issue 4, pages 497-521

2020: Sungeun Chung, Sungkyunkwan University and Edward L. Fink, Temple University

  • “One of the most cited persuasion studies but no success in replication: investigating replication using Petty, Cacioppo, and Goldman (1981) as an example” Annals of the International Communication Association, 2018

Klaus Krippendorf Book Award Winner

2021: The Handbook of Communication Science and Biology, edited by Drs. Kory Floyd and René Weber

Top Poster Award Winner

2021:Revisiting the CMM in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Examining the factors contributing to a willingness to engage in prevention behaviors” by Se Jung Kim and Makana Chock, Syracuse

2020: “Effects of Popularity Cues in Health News: An Eyetracking Study.” By Namyeon Lee, Ciera Dockter, and Sungkyoung Lee, University of Missouri

2019: “I think I can, I know I can?”: Utilizing Virtual Humans to Examine Challenges in Human Interaction. By David C. Jeong, USC Annenberg, Dan Feng, Northeastern University, Lynn C. Miller, USC Annenberg

2018: “Social Kinematics: An Application of Classical Mechanicals to Perception of Social Meaning.” By David C. Jeong, Northeastern University, Calvin Cao, USC Annenberg; Lynn C. Miller, USC Annenberg

Most Valued InfoSys Reviewer

2022: George Edward Maier, London School of Economics

2021: Rob Potter, Indiana University

2020: Kevin R. Wise, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2019: Nancy Rhodes, Michigan State University

2018: Justin Keene, Texas Tech University

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