Top Papers

2022 Best of Information Systems Division

Efficacy in Media Effects Research: Organizing the Conceptual and Operational Basement by Chris Skurka; Cassandra L. Troy; Zheng Cui; Homero Gil de Zúñiga

Factbait: Emotionality of Fact-Checking Tweets and Users’ Engagement during the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election and the COVID-19 Pandemic by Jiyoung Lee; Brian C. Britt

Informational components of the social spread of digital content by Bruce P. Doré

Top Student Paper: Do Black Lives Matter in the Empathy Machine? Investigating Whiteness and Immersion on Creating a Shared Reality with 360-Degree Video by Haley R. Hatfield; Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn

2021 Best of Information Systems Division

  • Can Media Make Us Feel Alike? Skin Conductance Synchrony as a Function of Message Valence, Arousal, and Emotional Change Rate
  • Jingjing Han, Annie Lang and Mary Armon
  • The Role of Psychological Discrepancy in Belief Change: Evaluating Four Models
  • Luling Huang, Edward L. Fink and Deborah A. Cai
  • A Meta-Analysis of Factors Predicting Health Information Seeking: An Integration of Six Theoretical Frameworks
  • Mengxue Ou and Shirley Ho
  • Top Student Paper: Losing Awareness of Our Surroundings? The Role of Attention During Transportation into Audio Narratives
  • Elizabeth Riggs

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